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FAQs - Common Problems and their Solutions

Common Problems and Solutions related to the use of CPAP equipment

Problems related to mask use

Problem Possible Causes Solutions
Sore or dry eyes Mask not positioned properly.
Headgear adjusted improperly.
Mask size not appropriate.
Reapply the mask and readjust the headgear.
Contact CPAP Station to obtain the proper mask size.
Redness on the face where the mask contacts the skin. Irritation or allergic reaction to mask material. Use barrier between your skin and the mask, such as 3M's Micropore tape or Squibb's Duorderm.
Contact CPAP Station or your doctor if the problem persists.
Runny nose. Nasal reaction to air flow. Contact your doctor.
Cold nose. Room air temperature is too cold. Air cools while traveling through the tubing. Reposition the tubing so that it runs under your bed covers to reduce heat loss.
Dryness or burning sensation in the throat or nose. Air is too dry. The relative humidity is less than 40%. Increase the room humidity (or moisture in the air). Consult with your doctor or CPAP Station about using a humidifier with your unit.
Make sure that you are keeping your mouth closed and taking slow breaths through your nose. Use a chin strap.
Nasal, sinus, or ear pain. Sinus infection or middle ear infection. Stop using the unit and contact your doctor.

Problems related to the CPAP unit

Problem Possible Causes Solutions
Feelings of discomfort from the sensation of too much pressure. CPAP pressures above 12.5 cm H2O may cause feelings of discomfort, but are necessary to relieve sleep apnea. It may take you up to four weeks to adjust to the system.
Try to relax when using the system.
Take slow, deep breaths through your nose with your mouth closed.
If you still have trouble, contact your doctor or CPAP Station.
Pressure delivered seems significantly lower or higher than usual. Possible unit malfunction. Contact CPAP Station.
Air from the unit seems warm. The filter may be obstructed by debris.
Bed clothes, curtains, etc may block the filter or slotted vents on the front and back of the unit.
The room temperature is too warm.
Replace or clean the filter.
Move the unit away from bedclothes or curtains that block the flow of air around the unit.
Turn down the thermostat at night.
Add a second length of tubing to the circuit to allow air to cool.
Place the unit on the floor where the air may be cooler.
Air blows in your face. The open side of the Whisper Swivel or NRV-2 is positioned incorrectly. Turn the closed side of the Whisper Swivel or NRV-2 toward your face.

Troubleshooting your CPAP unit

Problem Possible Causes Solutions
Unit does not turn ON. Power cord not firmly connected to the unit or to the outlet.
Unit not connected to a "live" outlet.
Unit fuse has blown out.
DC battery voltage fell below 10.5 volts.
Verify proper electrical connections.
Check to be sure that the unit is plugged into a "live" outlet (e.g., plug a working lamp into the outlet to test its output).
Replace the fuses with the same fuse type. Verify that the voltage selector switch setting is not set too low (i.e., your electrical line is 230V but your switch is set on 115V). If the new fuses blow out, contact CPAP Station.
Recharge or replace battery.
Unit stops and starts. Power cord not completely connected to the unit or the wall electrical outlet. Verify that the power cord is completely connected at the rear of the unit and at the wall electrical outlet.
No air comes out of unit when power is connected and unit is turned on. Voltage selector switch is set incorrectly.
Possible internal problem.
Verify that the voltage selection switch setting is not too high (i.e., your electrical line is 115V, but your switch is set on 230V).
Contact CPAP Station.

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