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Community Bulletin Board

This Community Bulletin Board is provided to you by CPAP Station as a way for CPAP users to help other CPAP users. This is a forum for you to post ideas, ask questions, or answer other users that you may have found a solution for.

Any serious medical question regarding the use of CPAP should be asked to your doctor. This is not a replacement for your doctor, and any medical advice given is not sanctioned or recognized by CPAP Station.

Discussion Topic Replies Posted By Date
placed an order and got an order number but haven't gotten a reply or a phone call Is this a real business? 0 waiting for a reply 2017-03-10
Replacement parts... Does anyone know if there's a place where cpap machine parts can be ordered? The fan is going out in my unit, and it looks like an easy fix if I can get a new part. 0 hdgent 2012-10-30
Oily Skin 1 vjwp 2012-07-14
The UPPP experience 1 sharpgenie 2010-11-09
Chin Strap problems 0 SFCPAPUSER 2010-10-31
Chin Strap problems. I have a problem with "impressions" from my mask/chin straps. I have been using the Mirage Nasal Swift pillow mask, and a variety of different chin straps (I'm an open mouth sleeper). I have been waking up with lines and red "impressions" all over my cheeks and chin. No mask or chin strap seems to make it better. And now, these days, I have to appear in morning meetings where I am the center of attention....VERY embarrassing. ANYONE??? HELLLPPPP!!!! 0 CHINSTRAPPROBLEMS 2010-10-31
I am using a F&P CPAP and am searching for a battery pack to use with the machine other than a marine deep-cycle, ie probably a lithium-ion. Anyone have any experience with this? 0 Battery operated 2010-05-25
That Ugly Machine! 1 gabbiesjabo 2010-03-31
I have long hair....I use the repironics mirage and recently the nasal swift.....I am a mouth breather and can't keep my mouth shut (Ha) and have to strap so much velcro on to keep the nasal thing on that I am loosing a lot of hair....what to do. 2 underthedome 2010-02-22
does cpaps have side effects? 0 jane 2009-08-08
so your saying you dont know if cpaps has side effects or not that i would have to ask the doctor? 0 jane 2009-08-08
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